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Care, Maintenance & Warranty

Product Care & Maintenance

Hardware Care & Maintenance

Limited Warranty

Florida Product Approvals

Catalina & Vision Doors: Series 1000

Impact Wall: Series 5000

Catalina & Vision

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Crest Handle Single Sided Installation

Crest Handle Double Sided Installation

Parts Guides

Catalina & Vision

Series 1000 Parts

Service Ticket

Dealer Service Ticket

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Catalina & Vision Doors

NFRC Values

Other Documents

Impact Interlayer Brochure

Catalina & Vision

Series 1000 Submittal

Catalina & Vision

Series 1000 Field Testing

What it means to be

a Velocity dealer

Velocity is about more than just the exceptional products we offer. It's about building lasting relationships based on trust, support, and shared values. When someone becomes a part of our dealer network, they become an integral part of our success.

Our dealers gain access to a comprehensive network of resources, including training, marketing, sales support, and field service.

We empower our dealers to succeed by equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively showcase, promote and install our products.

*Please note that not everyone who applies is accepted. Our dealer territories are exclusive.